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You’re in the bustling heart of Phuket Town, surrounded by vibrant street stalls, aromatic food, and the ever-present hum of tourists and locals alike. Just a stone’s throw away, Rassada Pier is your gateway to the breathtaking islands that pepper the Andaman Sea. From the famous Phi Phi Island to the cinematic James Bond Island and the stunning coasts of Krabi, this isn’t just a pier—it’s your launchpad to a tropical paradise.

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Location of Rassada Pier
Ferry Services and Destinations from Rassada Pier
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Rassada Harbor in Phuket, Thailand, with a less crowded pier gate 3 for boarding to Phi Phi Island, taken on December 8, 2017. Popular tourist location for honeymoon and vacation.
Tourists walking to the ferry outside at Rassada Pier © Kitraveler / Shutterstock.com

Location of Rassada Pier

Nestled on the eastern edge of bustling Phuket Town, Rassada Pier is not just a pier—it’s your gateway to the awe-inspiring islands that have catapulted Phuket to global fame. What’s even better? If you’re staying in the heart of the town, you’re just a quick taxi or tuk-tuk ride away from this launch pad to paradise.

Unlike other tourist destinations with multiple major piers, Rassada Pier stands out as Phuket’s primary nautical hub. This port isn’t just for tourists; it serves a dual purpose by also accommodating container ships that bring in much-needed supplies for the island.

Phuket Town
Phuket Town

As soon as your boat docks at Rassada Pier, you’re greeted by plenty of transport options. Metered taxis and iconic tuk-tuks are on standby, ready to whisk you away to your hotel or to must-visit beaches like Patong. And here’s a pro tip: walk a little distance from the immediate pier area before hailing a taxi—you might just snag a better rate.

But hold your seahorses! Before you dash off to the beach resorts, consider giving Phuket Town itself some of your vacation love. It’s a colorful tapestry of history and culture, adorned with striking Sino-Portuguese architecture. Plus, being based in Phuket Town means Rassada Pier is always within easy reach, making those spur-of-the-moment island-hopping escapades effortlessly doable.

Getting to Rassada Pier from Phuket International Airport

Plane flying over beach before landing at Phuket Airport
Thai Airways plane flying over Mai Khao beach before landing at Phuket Airport. © Southtownboy / depositphotos.com

So, you’ve just landed at Phuket International Airport and you’re ready to kick off your island-hopping adventure. The first step? Getting to Rassada Pier to purchase those all-important ferry tickets. Thankfully, there are several ways to make the roughly 33-kilometer journey from the airport to the pier.

For those who prioritize convenience, you can actually book a taxi online for around 700 THB that will take you directly from the airport to Rassada Pier. It’s a bit pricier but offers the luxury of a hassle-free, direct route. Another budget-friendly option is the airport bus, which takes you from Phuket International Airport to Phuket Town. Once you arrive in town, a 15-30 minute taxi or tuk-tuk ride will land you at Rassada Pier, where you can purchase your ferry tickets.

From Phuket Bus Terminal to Rassada Pier and Vice Versa

Phuket Bus Terminal 2
Phuket Bus Terminal 2 © Pataporn Kuanui / Shutterstock.com

Maybe you’re arriving in Phuket by bus instead of by plane. In that case, you’ll likely find yourself at the main bus terminal in Phuket Town. Again, your mission is to secure those ferry tickets to your next dreamy destination, and Rassada Pier is where you’ll find them.

Getting to Rassada Pier from the bus terminal is a breeze. A quick taxi or tuk-tuk ride will get you to the pier in around 15-20 minutes. Public transport options like songthaews (shared minibuses) are also available, but they may take a little longer due to multiple stops along the way.

Conversely, if you’re at Rassada Pier and need to get to the bus terminal for your onward journey, the same transport options apply. Just hop into a taxi or tuk-tuk, or grab a songthaew if you’re not in a hurry. You’ll find yourself at the bus terminal in no time, ready for the next leg of your Phuket adventure.

Ferry Services and Destinations from Rassada Pier

Rassada Pier in Phuket has ferry routes to Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, and Koh Lanta.

Traveling Between Rassada Pier and Phi Phi Islands

Rassada Pier in Phuket offers several travel options to Phi Phi Islands, with speedboats being a popular choice. Companies like PP Sabai Marine, Seatran Phuket, Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club, Phi Phi Kanichta Tour, and Andaman Wave Master operate these speedboats. The journey usually takes about an hour and runs primarily between Ton Sai Pier on Phi Phi and Rassada Pier on Phuket. Ticket prices are fairly consistent among these operators and can be booked through the 12Go website. Booking in advance is highly recommended as some companies don’t accept day-of-travel bookings.

Ton Sai Pier, Phi Phi Island
Ton Sai Pier, Phi Phi Island © doypui / depositphotos.com

For those on a budget, Chaokoh Travel Center and Phi Phi Cruiser offer the cheapest ferry options. The journey duration varies between 1 hour 45 minutes to 2 hours, and ticket prices are around 450 THB for both companies.

Phuket - Koh Phi Phi ฿ 450–1,500 45m – 6h 45m
  •   Speedboat 06:30, 08:30, 09:00, 09:30, 10:30, 11:00, 12:30
  •   High Speed Ferry 07:00, 08:30, 08:45, 09:45, 12:00, 13:30
  •   Local 11:00, 14:00
  •   Standard Class 08:30, 12:19, 13:30
  •   First Class 08:30, 12:19, 13:30
  •   Premium Class 08:30, 12:19, 13:30
  •   Ferry 07:00, 07:30, 09:30, 12:00, 14:00

Traveling Between Rassada Pier and Krabi

The aerial view from a drone of the "Thale Waek" (Separated Sea) in Krabi, Thailand provides an amazing sight. This area, known as the Koh Dam group, is made up of two large islands - Koh Dam Hok and Koh Dam Kwan.

If your destination is Krabi, ferries leave Rassada Pier at 8:30 am and arrive at Ao Nang beach in Krabi around 10:30 am. For those headed to Railey Beach, plan for an additional 15-minute journey. An added benefit is that your ticket includes a free pick-up from your hotel in Phuket if booked online under Taxis and Ferries.

Traveling Between Rassada Pier and Koh Lanta

Rocks on a beach in Koh Lanta with white sand

Getting to Koh Lanta is also quite convenient from Rassada Pier. The journey time can vary between 1 hour 30 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the ferry company and the type of boat. Satun Pakbara Club offers speedboats that make the trip in just one and a half hours, with two daily departures from Rassada Pier. You can also book combined tickets that include a pick-up from your hotel in Phuket, available through the 12Go website.

No matter your destination—be it Phi Phi Islands, Krabi, or Koh Lanta—Rassada Pier provides a variety of travel options. To make your journey smoother, use platforms like 12Go to compare prices, read reviews, and book your tickets in advance.

Facilities at Rassada Pier

Panoramic view of Rassada Pier in Phuket with tourists boarding ferries to Phi Phi Don on a beautiful day with clear blue sky, taken on December 23, 2019.
Entrance to Rassada Pier in Phuket © GagliardiPhotography / Shutterstock.com

The panoramic view of Rassada Pier in Phuket offers beautiful scenery, but limited amenities. The pier lacks creature comforts, but its golden location next to Phuket Town makes up for it.

Phuket Town is a quick stroll away, with quirky shops, tasty restaurants, essential services, and transportation options. You can easily catch a taxi, tuk-tuk, or motorbike taxi right off the pier.

Small shops are selling snacks, drinks, and sunscreen inside the terminal. Seating is available both inside and outside along the pier. Restrooms are located in the terminal. There’s free WiFi, but connectivity can be spotty.

While no ATMs are at the pier, you’ll find several within a short walk in Phuket Town. Once checked in, relax in the open-air waiting area along the pier and take in the harbor views.

So despite minimal on-site frills, Rassada Pier offers convenience with Phuket Town steps away. The Phuket town pier is your gateway to all the gems that make Phuket so special.

How many companies operate speedboats from Rassada Pier to Phi Phi Islands?

Multiple companies offer speedboat services from Rassada Pier on Phuket to Ton Sai Pier on Phi Phi Islands. These include PP Sabai Marine, Seatran Phuket, Satun Pakbara Speed Boat Club, Phi Phi Kanichta Tour, and Andaman Wave Master. The duration of the speedboat journey is approximately one hour, and several departures are available throughout the day.

What are the cheapest ferry options from Rassada Pier to Phi Phi Islands?

The most budget-friendly ferries are operated by Chaokoh Travel Center and Phi Phi Cruiser. These companies charge around 450 THB for a ticket. Chaokoh Travel Center ferries depart at 9 am and take 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach Rassada Pier. On the other hand, Phi Phi Cruiser has two departures, at 9 am and 2:30 pm, and takes around 2 hours for the same journey.

How long does it take to reach Krabi from Rassada Pier?

Ferries leave Rassada Pier at 8:30 am and arrive at Ao Nang beach in Krabi around 10:30 am. If you’re going to Railey Beach, expect an additional 15-minute ride. A free pick-up from your hotel in Phuket is included when you book your ticket online under Taxis and Ferries.

How long does the journey from Rassada Pier to Koh Lanta take?

The duration of the trip to Koh Lanta depends on your choice of transportation. Speedboats operated by Satun Pakbara Club take approximately one and a half hours and depart twice a day from Rassada Pier. Ferries can take between 1 hour 30 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the company and the type of boat.

Is it advisable to book tickets in advance for ferries and speedboats departing from Rassada Pier?

Yes, it is highly recommended to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak seasons. You can use the 12Go website to compare prices, read reviews, and book your tickets. Some operators do not accept bookings on the day of travel, so pre-booking ensures that you secure a seat.

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