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Embarking on a journey from Surat Thani to Bangkok? You’re not alone! Many travelers makes the 650 km trip between these two Thai cities. Whether you’re heading back after island adventures or moving on to explore the bustling Thai capital, finding a reliable and comfortable mode of transport is of the essence.

Did you know that every day, there are 11 bus departures ready to whisk passengers from Surat Thani’s quiet streets to the vibrant heart of Bangkok? That’s right, with so many options available, hopping on a bus is your ticket to convenience without breaking the bank.

Get ready for our handy advice on finding budget-friendly fares, and choosing the best bus service for a smooth ride.

Sombat Tour Bus parked at Bangkok Southern Terminal, displaying distinctive blue and purple stripes, operating between Phuket and Bangkok.
Sombat Tour Bus in Bangkok Southern Terminal going between Phuket and Bangkok © AtomLineAran / Shutterstock.com

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  • Travelers can choose between Express or VIP Bus from companies such as Krungsiam TourSombat Tour, and Transport Co for the 650 km journey between Surat Thani and Bangkok, with ticket prices starting at THB 600.
  • Consider: Comparing Ticket Prices prices and exploring: Alternative Transportation options like trains or shared taxis for potential cost savings on this popular route from the South to central Thailand.
  • With approximately 11 daily departures, the Frequency of Buses gives passengers the flexibility to select a travel time that suits their schedule while enjoying an average travel time of 9 hours.
  • Overnight Buses are the most common option, allowing travelers to rest during the whole journey. Online booking is recommended to secure lower fares and plan efficiently.
  • Most buses Departs and Arrives from Surat Thani bus Station and Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai).
  • Lastly read about potential stops to do along the route.

Express or VIP Bus from Surat Thani to Bangkok?

Bangkok Busline Express Seats
Bangkok Busline Express Seats with 4 people on each row.

If you want more legroom, a leg rest, a personal TV, and steward service, look for the VIP buses from Surat Thani to Bangkok. With 3 on each row rather than 4, VIP buses offer more space between the seats – great for sleeping. If you need even more space look for a VIP bus with a low number, since the number after VIP “X”, means the total number of passengers. VIP buses are more expensive, but if you want a more comfortable ride and like to sleep on the bus, these are the better options.

Express buses will be more basic but will save you a few dollars. Express service is a regular bus with standard seating, a walkway down the middle of the bus, and a row of two seats on either side. There’s a reasonable amount of legroom on these, and the seats are comfortable enough but can start feeling a little hard on longer journeys like the one from Surat Thani to Bangkok.

Krungsiam Tour’s VIP Bus 24 has plenty of space and only 3 seats per row

A VIP bus with Bangkok Busline has 4 seat rows, gives plenty of legroom, and has toilets onboard. Cost 720 THB

ChokeAnan Tour in VIP 24 has only 3 rows with plenty of room, but they are pretty expensive at 970 THB.

Krungsiam Tour’s VIP Bus 24, while the most expensive option of all at 1000 THB, offers comfort and value with fully reclining seats, friendly staff, and provided snacks and water. However, passengers report language barriers and strong air conditioning as negatives, along with outdated TV screens.

Sombat Tour VIP 30 buses are the most expensive Sombat Tour option at 950 THB, and they include TVs and have food and snacks available. 

Sombat Tour Express 42 buses are the cheapest Sombat Tour option, and they are very good value at 600 THB. 4 seat rows.

Transport Co Only offers Express buses, which are not quite as luxurious as private companies. They also take a longer route that slows down the travel time.

Comparing Bus Tickets

BusTypeTravel TimePrice (THB)
Bangkok BuslineVIP9.5 h721
ChokeAnan TourVIP 2410.5 h967
Krungsiam TourVIP 2411 h1,000
Raja FerryExpress11 h720
Sombat TourExpress9.5 h608
Sombat TourVIP 309.5 h954
Transport CoExpress16 h903

You can book all of the buses mentioned above online through 12Go. The benefit of booking through them is that you can easily compare all of the buses and see what facilities each one has. The prices above include a small booking fee that 12Go charges, but this is a small cost for the convenience of being able to book in advance and knowing you have the seat and the bus that you want!

Frequency of Buses

Bus travel from Surat Thani to Bangkok offers frequent departures, providing flexibility for travelers. Here’s what you need to know about the frequency of buses:

  • There are 11 daily departures from Surat Thani to Bangkok, offering plenty of options throughout the day.
  • The earliest bus departs at 7:30 AM, allowing early risers to start their journey with services like Bangkok Busline and Transport Co offering departures from Surat Thani Bus Terminal and Wang Kung, respectively.
  • The latest departure is at 7:40 PM, for those preferring a later trip, with Sombat Tour offering a VIP 30 service from Surat Thani Bus Terminal.
  • With 7 overnight bus routes available, travelers have varied choices to fit their schedules and preferences.

Overnight Buses

Overnight Bus Thailand

Many buses operate overnight from Surat Thani to Bangkok, offering a convenient way to travel while you sleep.

  • With approximately 7 daily overnight bus routes and an average travel time of 10 hours, passengers can catch up on rest during the journey.
  • Companies like Krungsiam Tour and Raja Ferry offer departures at 19:00 with different arrival points in Bangkok.
  • This option is suggested for those who want to save on accommodation costs and arrive in Bangkok early in the morning.
  • When planning your journey, consider taking a night bus which can help you catch up on some sleep during the travel. With approximately 11 departures daily and tickets available for as low as THB 600, there are plenty of options for making this commute comfortable and affordable.
  • Notable departures include Bangkok Busline’s VIP service at 07:30, Transport Co’s Express buses starting as early as 07:30 and as late as 18:00, and ChokeAnan Tour’s VIP 24 service at 19:00.

Departs and Arrives from Surat Thani Bus Station

CompanySurat ThaniBangkok
Bangkok BuslineBus TerminalSouthern Terminal
ChokeAnan TourBus TerminalSouthern Terminal
Krungsiam TourBus TerminalSouthern Terminal
Raja FerryTalad Kaset 2Khao San Montanatip
Sombat TourBus TerminalSouthern Terminal
Transport CoWang KungSouthern Terminal

Surat Thani Bus Terminal

Surat Thani Bus Terminal serves as the main hub for intercity bus travel. The terminal is conveniently located in the city center, making it easily accessible from various parts of Surat Thani.

The Surat Thani Bus Terminal provides essential facilities such as waiting areas, restrooms, and small shops for snacks and drinks. Travelers can expect comfortable amenities while waiting for their buses to Bangkok or other destinations along the route in an efficient and well-organized environment.

Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)

Sc Plaza
SC Plaza shopping mall is situated in the same building as the Southern Bus Terminal © Suparin / Shutterstock.com

Most buses from Surat Thani to Bangkok arrive at the Southern Terminal. This terminal is a key hub in Bangkok for routes heading to Thailand’s southern regions. It is located in the southwestern part of Bangkok, offering convenient access to various parts of the city.

Key bus companies like Bangkok Busline, ChokeAnan Tour, Krungsiam Tour, Sombat Tour, and Transport Co operate services to this terminal, ensuring frequent and reliable transport options for travelers. For instance, Bangkok Busline and Sombat Tour offer comfortable VIP and Express 42 services, respectively, from Surat Thani Bus Terminal directly to the Southern Terminal in Bangkok.

Raja Ferry, another notable operator, offers its service from Surat Thani’s Talad Kaset 2 to the Khao San Montanatip area in Bangkok, providing an alternative for travelers seeking different arrival points within the city.

These bus services not only connect two major cities but also offer a seamless travel experience for those journeying between the vibrant capital of Bangkok and the gateway to Thailand’s enchanting southern provinces.

Twilight view of Hua Hin beach from Khao Takiab Mountain, showcasing the long, curved bay with fine white sand.

Besides Surat Thani and Bangkok, there are several popular stops along the bus route between these two cities. One such place is Hua Hin, a coastal city renowned for its beautiful beaches and lively night markets.

Another noteworthy stop is Chumphon, which serves as a gateway to the stunning islands of Koh Tao and Koh Samui. Additionally, travelers can also consider visiting Prachuap Khiri Khan, known for its scenic natural parks and historical sites.

Travelers looking to explore more of Thailand’s diverse landscapes can make the most of their journey by planning stops at these destinations before reaching Bangkok.

Alternative transportation options

Chulachomklao Bridge Surat Thani
Chulachomklao Bridge is only 1.3 kilometers from Surat Thani Train Station.

If you’re considering other ways to get from Surat Thani to Bangkok, here are some alternatives to the bus:

  1. Train: The train is an option, but keep in mind that it’s a single-track route and can be subject to delays.
  2. Taxi: Taxis are available but can be more expensive than buses.
  3. Flight: If time is a factor, flying may be the quickest way to get from Surat Thani to Bangkok.

Online booking platforms provide convenient access to secure affordable tickets for this intercity route. Additionally, choosing the most suitable transport option can ensure a smooth and enjoyable commute between these two vibrant cities in Thailand.

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